Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shared experiences...

I think often looking at guests in our little room and wonder how they all ended up together in the same space. As much care and thought as we put into our dishes and cocktails, I know there is something more to it.
The ambience will lend itself to a certain type of experience over another, whether one is looking for a romantic date spot, or an upbeat nightspot. In more conventional dining rooms, there is a sense of personal space, and personalized service all in the interest of preserving a small sphere for the individual party. The "pub" atmosphere is about the public. It is an atmosphere that promotes a certain amount of elbow rubbing, spontaneous conversations, and a certain democracy. Negotiations abound, for bar space, bathroom lines, attention from staff and guests alike. I find this dance sort of inspiring, people coming together to share an experience with friends and strangers, neighbors and visitors, over one of the oldest of rituals ( and drink.)

The real challenge is creating an atmosphere that speaks to this. Truth is that a lot of people don't like being around other people, and some nights draw in many different types of people. Tension happens, disappointment happens. The experience of our guests is certainly priority one, and the risks are high in the pub atmosphere. It is a challenge to be considered in every decision, from seating, lighting, menu and music. We learn more everyday, please continue your valuable feedback.

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