Thursday, September 25, 2008

From Dust and Dead Leaves...

I have to admit that I am obsessed with stories. In the two years since we've opened the Alembic, we've amassed a good deal of type. Not just media reviews, in print and online... but bulging notebooks of ideas, scribbles and doodles on napkins, inventory and order sheets, fresh and soiled menus and chalk dust from yesterdays specials falling away from the blackboards. In these discarded leaves and swept up piles is the real story of our Alembic. That is where we place and find the inspiration behind our offerings, the hard work of a dedicated staff, the mistakes and lessons, and the successes that make the journey rewarding. 
The new addition of a blog is a way for us to archive and share some of this ephemera. As we take pleasure in inviting you into our bar and dining room each night, we also welcome you backstage to see the story unfold, from conception to consumption. We will have posts from Ted, Jordan and Jenna from the kitchen as well as a steady pour of news from the bar, and the occasional pint from the brewers at our sister pub down the street. 
Hopefully we can use this to bring together the many narratives happening in the Alembic universe to complete and enrich the story.
Thanks for tuning in. Cheers.

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