Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2007 York Creek Touriga

Admittedly, wine is not the biggest horse in our stable, but every once in a while I get excited about it and have to run my mouth a bit, not that I consider myself an expert or anything....

Touriga Nacional is a somewhat unusual varietal from Portugal, usually used to make fortified wines. It tends to be a fairly muscular grape, producing wines with intense black fruit and firm tannins. I definitely expected a monster out of this wine but was pleasantly surprised with it.
There is definitely some rich, dark fruit but also some really nice floral notes as well. It's just a tad chewy, but with a nice acidity. Medium to full bodied and a modest 13% abv, I think it makes a nice sipper as well as a good workhorse for pairing with our eclectic menu.
We liked it so much, we bought all of it. So if you want to try it, better come over here (or down the street at Magnolia) where we will be pouring it by the glass until it runs out.


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