Monday, April 6, 2009

A shout out to distillers....

Of course, we would be in a very different business with out them.
Last night (Sunday), a very quiet night on Haight street was pleasantly interrupted by about 20 hardworking/hard drinking members of the craft distilling community crowding around the bar for some food and drinks. Fun group, they polished off quite a few "whatever you feel like making" which was a bit of a gymnastic routine, but the real gem was a few small, unmarked bottles of some very interesting, one of a kind, never-to-be-released, experiments. Among the tastes being passed out was a candy cap mushroom infusion (like an earthy maple syrup, delicious), an aged sunchoke distillate, a blend of single village mezcals aged in french oak, a tasty cherry cordial.
I really appreciate the sort of individuals who throw this crazy stuff into a still, barrel, bottle just for the hell of it. Thanks to all, it's a pleasure having your stuff on the shelf.
Bless America, and please stop making absinthe.

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